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Edited picture of Kristaps Porzingis Warming Up for a game in Dallas
2019-20 Playoffs

Whats up with Kristaps Porzingis’ knees?

Luka’s ethereal performances & Kristaps’ stellar contributions are accelerating the Dallas Mavericks’ path to title contention. As much as playing it safe can save you trouble in getting to the destination, it can also slow the locomotive. Unfortunately, only time will tell how this one will play out.

JJ Redick of the 76ers with his arms raised in frustration
2018 Season

Can you cowards shoot a three?

The 76ers’ offense might be in trouble this season   If you were asked who the most important players on the Philadelphia 76ers are, at


Prospect Breakdown: Rashad Vaughn

Rashad Vaughn’s College Stats Team: UNLV Rashad Vaughn’s Las Vegas Summer League Stats Team: Milwaukee Bucks Rashad Vaughn is good at basketball. Like, really good.


Prospect Breakdown: Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson’s Las Vegas Summer League Stats Team: Dallas Mavericks   At the end of my last prospect breakdown for Maurice Ndour, I remarked that,


Prospect Breakdown: Maurice Ndour

Maurice Ndour’s Las Vegas Summer League Stats Team: Dallas Mavericks   [Editorial Comment: Ndour has not cut his hair, the introduction to this article mistook