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Analyzing NBA Basketball

How do we "Analyze" Mavs Basketball?

Eye Test

First and foremost, we attend or watch the games. Every article and every video starts from observation. From there we know what we want to highlight on the floor. Our eye test is always improving!


After we've zero'd in on our topic, we dive into relevant statistics that supplement and tear down our eye test. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don't!

Video Breakdowns

The culmination of every word that we've written over the past 3 years, all the film we watch, and every statistic we read. Reunion Lights will be adding short & long form video to our content pipeline for those of you that are interested in our work but not interested in the lengthy word count.


If you want to hear us discuss about the goings-on of the NBA rather than the minutia of a player's strengths or weaknesses, we stream our podcast live on Twitch!


When we see something that interests us but don't have the material to make a long form breakdown, we'll post graphics with relevant statistics. We're also working on custom Mavs shot charts, and you will see it soon!

Social Media

For day to day content and general buffoonery, follow our Twitter!

the URL podcast

We are in the first season of the “Under the Reunion Lights” podcast!

We upload our episodes to YouTube the day after they air.

Although mired by technical difficulties emblematic of our rookie season, we talk basketball at a high level and have some of the best guests in the MFFL community on the show!

There is much more to come.
Stay Tuned!

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